Forever kids watch – an overview of the available models

Childhood is a time of discovering the world, having adventures and meeting new people. We cannot always accompany the little ones, but we can always take care of their safety. The electronic watch will help you to watch over your child while they play in the yard, at school or a meeting with friends. What models of smartwatches are available on the market? Let’s take a look at Forever watches.

zegarki elektroniczne dla dzieci Forever


As we have already mentioned in the introduction, the main function of a smartwatch is to keep your child safe. The device becomes especially useful when you lose sight of your little one. Each Forever Kids watch gives us several options in this situation:

– We have specified the protection area in the app? Excellent! All we have to do is check the notifications on the phone. If the child actually went outside the designated zone – we were definitely notified about it.

– Need to locate the child? No problem. Regardless of whether we are in Poland or abroad – we will find current location of our child in the application. Forever Kids watches are compatible with most mobile network operators in Europe.

zegarek dla dzieci forever

– Are we in an area where the displayed location is imprecise? We can call the child or send them a text message. Receiving calls and replying to SMS from the watch is a piece of cake.

– The situation is really unusual? Maybe it’s time for a special feature. Remote activated microphone allows you to precisely recognize the situation and determine the location of your child. Meanwhile, the child can also use the SOS button.

Depending on the model, the smartwatch may also have many other useful functions. What are they? Let’s take a look at the different Forever Kids watches available on the market.


Forever Call Me 2 KW-60

Call Me 2 is the simplest electronic watch for children from Forever. In online stores its price ranges between PLN 60 and PLN 80. The smartwatch obviously has all the basic functions we mentioned in the previous paragraph [1]. When locating a child, it is based on basic LBS technology. It shows the APPROXIMATE position of the device thanks to the nearest BTS station.

Learn more about child location technology here: Children’s smartwatch with camera

The Forever KW-60 watch gives parents a lot of possibilities. And what does Call Me 2 look like through the eyes of a child? The smartwatch is the perfect complement to the styling of both girls (pink version) and boys (blue version). The camera allows children to capture the most important moments. During the evening or night trips, the watch serves as additional lighting (flashlight).

Forever Call Me 2 is the successor to the popular Call Me KW-50 model. This children’s electronic watch has exactly the same functions as its predecessor. The newer version, however, is made of better components. The interface of the watch is more intuitive for kids and the screen resolution has been increased by more than 3 times.

FOR ACTIVE KIDS – Forever Find Me (KW-200)

Forever zegarek dla dzieci Find Me
Zegarek elektroniczny KW-200

If you’ve already reached the shelf with children’s smartwatches, an orange or green Forever Find Me watch has probably caught your attention. These are devices that will give you a bit more possibilities than Forever Call Me. Why?

In addition to the basic functions1electronic watch shows the route travelled by the child. The device is based on advanced GPS technology. During the localization, it is characterized by literally satellite precision.

In addition to safety, the smartwatch also provides entertainment for little athletes. Pedometer and calories burned counter as well as sleep analysis are functions that will be appreciated by slightly older children. The KW-200 will be the perfect first professional smartwatch for the student – the more that its price is not excessive. The new Forever KW-200 watch costs about PLN 120.

FOR EVEN BETTER PROTECTION – See Me (KW-300) and Care Me (KW-400) smartwatches

Zegarek dla dzieci KW-300
Zegarek elektroniczny dla dzieci KW-400

At first glance, the above models differ significantly from each other. The casing of KW-400 is a bit more massive. It was designed with younger children in mind. The Care Me smartwatch also has a wider colour range. In addition to the pink and blue, we can also choose graphite and camo versions.

The biggest differences between the KW-330 and KW-400 models, however, end in the appearance. The watches have very similar functions. Both devices enable sleep monitoring, counting steps and calories burned. Both models will wake the child to school (alarm clock function) and keep them entertained (built-in math game).

However, the most important advantage of those watches will be appreciated mainly by parents. Both See Me and Care Me use advanced location technologies. They are based not only on the GPS and LBS signal, but also on Wi-Fi. Thanks to this they do not lose their reach in buildings and shops.

Find out more about the Care Me watch here:

 ALTERNATIVE PHONE – Forever Look Me smartwatch (KW-500)

Forever zegarek dla dzieci KW-500

KW-500 is the newest and most advanced Forever kids watch. It will successfully serve the students as their first phone. Like a smartphone, it allows you to make calls, send messages and take photos. Interestingly, Look Me also allows you to conduct … video calls. The solution becomes especially useful during long conversations with grandparents. 🙂

In their free time, kids can take advantage of many options available from the application level – a math game or a pedometer are just some of the possibilities offered by the KW-500 electronic watch for kids.

Speaking of possibilities – Look Me is a multifunctional helper for parents. Thanks to the combination of 3 technologies – LBS, GPS and Wi-Fi the watch precisely locates your child. From the application level, we can also designate a protection area, turn on a remote microphone or camera.

You can find an entry devoted to the KW-500 here: Children’s smartwatch with camera

Zegarek Forever dla dzieci Look Me


As a summary, we present a table with the most important functions of the watches described. Individual models can be found in Media Markt, Media Expert and Euro RTV AGD stores. We hope that the kids smartwatch will become a helper that you will always have at hand.

The products mentioned in the article can be found in selected online electronics and home appliances stores and in the official Forever store on

TelForceOne, owner of the Forever brand, is a part of the Polish TelForceOne S.A. Capital Group and one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of consumer electronics in Poland, as well as Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s portfolio includes modern mobile solutions, consumer electronics and mobile phone accessories.

[1] SOS function, the function of determining the protection area, the ability to receive and send calls and text messages, location of the child, remotely activated microphone

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