The best display protection – how to choose tempered glass

The 7:00 alarm clock didn’t ring again. You must have beaten another speed record chasing a runaway bus. Your newly purchased smartphone slides out slightly from your pocket to jump out of your coat just in front of the closing doors. Probably everyone knows the thrill of picking up a phone after it falling onto asphalt, sand or tiles … If you want to avoid a collision with reality and huge expenses, you will need good display protection. Let’s take a closer look at tempered glass and a protective film.

tempered glass


Badly applied tempered glass looks unsightly. What’s worse – it ceases to fulfil its main function, which is to protect the display. The film will save you this problem. It will fit both flat and rounded screens. Additionally – it reduces the likelihood of scratching the display.

After breaking the screen, the protective film on the phone will act as a barrier between your fingers and small glass fragments. This feature is especially useful when you want to protect your child’s smartphone.

So much for the advantages. Unfortunately, the protective film also has a big disadvantage. Although it protects the phone from scratching it does not protect it against mechanical damage. Tempered glass is much better at doing this.

Tempered glass


Choosing the right tempered glass is not as obvious as it may seem. So let’s break down the most important features of glass into prime factors.

Tempered glass 9H what does it mean?

We will spare you long arguments on the processes of producing protective glass. In short – the longer the glass is tempered the more scratch-resistant it becomes. How to check whether the glass has actually been in the furnace for a long time? After breaking the glass, we will observe „spiders” on the screen. The more cracks, the longer the hardening time and higher product quality.

The hardening process is responsible for making the material hard. We measure it on the Nautical Scale. The higher the number, the better the display protection and the higher scratch resistance. Glass 9H will be completely indifferent to the attack of the keys or pocket knife in your pocket.

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Szkło hartowane 5D

Tempered glass 5D what does it mean?

If you are looking for tempered glass, you will probably come across 2D or 3D markings. They define, among other things the degree of edge rounding of the glass. Why is it worth paying attention to such information? The latest smartphone models are usually designed with rounded edges. They make the screens look bigger. However, protecting a display with rounded edges requires special attention. Tempered glass of the latest models should absorb impacts against the edge of the housing.

Tempered glass 5D

2D / 2.5D tempered glass are the cheapest solutions used for phones with a flat or slightly rounded display. The edges of the glass crumble relatively quickly and are susceptible to wear.

Tempered glass 3D is known as full tempered glass. This is a more expensive solution for phones with the most rounded edges, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21. The glass has a built-in characteristic plastic frame that perfectly protects the edges of the screen.

5D tempered glass has similar parameters to 3D glass. The only difference between them is the arrangement of the adhesive. In 3D, the adhesive is only on the flat part of the screen. 5D tempered glass also has adhesive on the edges of the display, thanks to which it adheres better to the screen.

10D tempered glass contrary to appearances, is not an improved version of 5D model. In some manufacturers, 10D is simply a flat glass with no rounded edges. In the case of older models with a flat display, the 10D tempered glass therefore has exactly the same functions as the 5D tempered glass. As in the case of 3D and 5D, the 10D glass has a characteristic black or white plastic frame. It protects the brittle edges of the glass.

Szkło hartowane Forever

Display protection – additional parameters

The hardness and the degree of roundness are just the tip of the iceberg (or rather glass). What additional parameters should you pay attention to when buying tempered glass?

Thickness. Thick glass provides better protection for the display, but poorer touchscreen performance. Aim for the optimum thickness of the glass, which is 0.2-0.3mm.

Transparency. The more transparent the glass, the less risk of colour changes on the display. The transparency of the glass is counted in %. For example – tempered glass with 99% transparency will leave the colours of photos or videos almost unchanged.

Oleophobic film. Some tempered glasses have a so-called oleophobic film. It works in a similar way to washing-up liquid – it repels dirt and protects the screen from dirt. The oleophobic film, however, has its „use-by date” – it wears off after about 6 months of use.

Antibacterial film. It has long been known that the phone is home to thousands of bacteria and viruses. The glass manufacturers decided to remedy this. They sprayed their glass with silver oxide, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Similarly to the oleophobic film – the antibacterial layer loses its properties after about 6 months of use.

Antibacterial glass


In the second paragraph, we introduced you to some of the advantages of a protective film. One of them is to protect the user from small shards of glass from a broken display. In turn, tempered glass protects the screen much better against mechanical damage. What if these functions were combined?

This is exactly how the hybrid glass was created. Flexible glass, i.e. a combination ofprotective filmwithtempered glass, is characterized by high flexibility. As a result, the glass is less brittle and adapts better to the surface of the smartphone. However, hybrid glass is slightly more expensive and less scratch resistant than regular tempered glass. Hybrid or tempered glass? The answer to this question does not depend solely on your priorities.


Applying the tempered glass is very simple. In the set with the glass you will find two cloths to help clean the screen. At the beginning wipethe screen with a wet wipe. Thanks to this, you will get rid of the most dirt. Then repeat the operation using a dry cloth. It will remove dust particles and grease marks.

When the display is clean peel offthe protective layerand putthe glassontothe display. Remember to match the cut holes to the camera and the function button. When the glass is in the right place, it is enough to lightly press it. Done! You just saved a few hundred bucks for replacing a broken glass.

The most frequently chosen models of tempered glass

Hybrid glass – the most frequently chosen models

You can find more tempered and hybrid glasses in the official Forever store on Allegro

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